Alexander Eros Rocco


Alexander Eros Rocco is an award-winning photographer and visual artist, born in Santiago Chile and based in Toronto, Canada. At an early age he attended classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario to build creative thinking and experiment with a variety of mediums. He has exhibited in galleries in Canada, the USA, and his images have appeared in various magazines such as Black & White, and fshnunlimited.

Rocco has been influenced by the old masters of the 1920s and 30s who used strong shadows and unusual angles to highlight subjects. The minimalistic approach or construction using simple angles and strong light evoke moods which give the final image a sense of beauty. The current exhibition explores the energy of night life movement, capturing light displacement at various speeds. Nocturnal clubs showcasing high energy singers are captured with a high-key palette employed by various stage lights that give the image “POP”.




Instagram: www.instagram/alexandererosrocco