Linda Briskin

Briskin-A Travel Imaginary (i)

Linda Briskin has ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms, what she calls ‘photoglossia’. Light, lines, shadows, and the play of figure-ground; the juxtaposition of objects and reflections; the ambiguities in what we choose to see; and the permeability between the remembered and the imagined.

For Contact 2017, she presents A Travel Imaginary which seeks an unconventional narrative for travel photography. These photo-collages re-imagine Morocco, generate ethereal realities and inspire suggestive narratives. Unique and painterly images both embrace and displace the original images. Several photo-collages explore images of women. Rather than objectifying or exoticizing women’s bodies, these images seek to honour women’s everyday work and life, and promote reflection on women’s presence and absence, visibility and invisibility.

Linda Briskin lives in Toronto and has been taking photographs for years. In 2017, she will have a solo show at Helen & Hildegard Apothecary as part of the Junction Contact Festival and participate in Luminous, a group show at the Heliconian Club <>.