Sofie Sharom

Sharom_Pli 1a

Sofie Sharom is a photographer and visual artist currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. Her work focuses primarily on abstract representations and incorporates elements of painting, drawing and graphic design. Sofie’s award winning work has been exhibited at galleries throughout Ontario, as well as in the USA, and has been published in several prominent publications including Canadian Geographic Magazine.

With a strong passion for travel and wildlife photography, Sofie has ventured to some of the most remote corners of the world, capturing spectacular landscapes, rare wildlife, and unique cultures. Her work also focuses on urban landscapes, exploring their beauty, rigidity and uniformity. It is only through examining the natural and constructed elements of a place that we can really understand its true essence. Her art and practice gravitate towards the extremes and abstract, and that is where she finds her inspiration. Sofie aims to create art that is unexpected, thought provoking and visually impactful.