Ulla Djelweh


As a visual artist, Ulla Djelweh has embraced an open approach to creating. Not to be limited to a single medium, she has explored photography, painting (acrylic, encaustic, watercolour), printmaking (woodblock, etching, lithography), as well as sculpture, often combining these disciplines to create strong and unique images. This multidisciplinary approach has allowed for tremendous artistic freedom. Unencumbered, Ulla experiments with different techniques and explores varying themes and images to expose her particular point of view. A passion for travel, culture and nature is evident in most of Djelweh’s work. Subtle undertones within the work speak to her fascination with the sublime and the uncanny, all of which are faithfully intermingled with commentary on current political and social issues. It is her willingness to take risks and mix mediums that achieves a body of work, both thematically and visually provocative.

Contact: ulladjelwehart@yahoo.ca

Website: www.ulladjelweh.com